Exhibition Review

Keep Pace with the Times – Artworks for the 100th Anniversary of CAFA...


Chief Director: Fan Dian Art Director: Zhang Zikang Curator: Wang Chunchen To commemorate the centennial celebration of Central Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition “Keep Pace with the Times – Artworks for the 100th Anniversary of CAFA”, hosted by CAFA and organized by CAFA Art Museum, was opened to the public on the second floor of CAFA Art Museum on March 22, 2018. The exhibition features more than 140 classic artworks, covering Chinese painting, oil painting, prints and sculptures. Based on the collection of CAFA Art Museum, it selected representative artworks created by the teachers and students from CAFA during different periods over the last one hundred years, such as the period of Beiping Art School, the period of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in Yanan and the period of the founding of New China, etc. By combing through CAFA’s history of artistic creations, the exhibition aims to exhibit the visual forms that can best reflect the revolutionary spirit of the 20th century, to present a whole picture of Chinese art history, and to show CAFA’s unique temperaments developed over the last century. More

Prometheus in Printmaking: A Li Hua Retrospective on the 110th Anniversary of His Birth...


This exhibition is themed with the concept of “Hua Zhu 桦烛,” which originally means “a kind of candle coiled with birch bark,” symbolizing the brilliant candlelight and its beautiful reflections. Literati and poets of many dynasties have used it in their poems. A poet of Tang Dynasty, Shen Quanqi (沉佺期) wrote in “A chat with Mr. Cui on the night of Cold Food Day”: “[n]o bother to take a birch bark candle, for there is a bright moon in the south (无劳秉桦烛,晴月在南端)”, while Lu You (陆游), a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote the “Nostalgia on A Snowy Night”, which has “[t]he birch bark candle in Jang Yue pavilion gave off a pleasant smell, and the walking mule on the Long Men plank road let out a long bell ring (江月亭前桦烛香,龙门阁上驮声长)”. There are many other examples with similar usage of “Zhu Hua(桦烛).” More

International Grand Exhibition for Wood Engraving and Historical Archive ...


This is the first international large-scale exhibition about the traditional technique - wood engraving's development in the contemporary era. There are about 200 artworks, wood engravings and books created by 100 artists, involving classical, modern and contemporary sections. More

Pranks in the Moonlight: Torsten Jurell...


Torsten Jurell is an interdisciplinary and talented artist. In the past eleven years, he has stayed in China for his creative works and settled in Jingdezhen – an ancient porcelain city with a glorious history of handcrafts for thousands of years. In the energetic and vibrant environment of contemporary art, the artist created the ceramic sculpture works for this exhibition - “Pranks in the Moonlight.” More

艺术之规:德国当代艺术 ——“德国8”展览系列...


展览通过来自德国多家公共博物馆和收藏机构的绘画、雕塑、装置、摄影等多门类艺术作品,对德国1950年代以来的艺术发展历程和最新动态进行集中展示,充分呈现德国深厚的文化传统和注重创新的时代精神。 More



此次展览主题来自艺术家对“边界 / 空间”问题的不断追问,汇集了艺术家近几年的主要艺术创作,包含《游·象》《线象》《痕·象》《箴象》《墙》等系列的创作,以及针对本次展览空间因势而造的《界》《缠2》《溢光》和《隔空2》等数件大型装置影像作品。 More



本次展览为中国观众带来了一位女性艺术家复杂而感性的艺术。作品囊括了艾尔斯自1979年以来所创作的多幅大尺寸画作。艾尔斯是英国各大艺术学院聘用的第一位女性绘画系主任,曾作为唯一一位女性艺术家,跻身英国战后最重要的艺术展览《境况:英国抽象艺术家》。 More

The Dimension of Tradition – Copying and Collection by CAFA in the 1950s and 1960s...


“Going out” and “coming in” were the main ways for CAFA to adopt traditional ways of national painting in the 1950s and 1960s, and remained a valuable artistic heritage for the development of CAFA. It also established a premise for us to understand the dimension of traditional materials conditions of national art and its literati and artisans, which laid an academic foundation for us to re-discuss and reinterpret tradition. More

Imprint: Works by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils...


Vhils’s artworks have long been focused on the urbanization of contemporary societies and the complexity of modern cities, from which an artistic style is gradually developed for the artist to record the human conditions of the present day. More



此次展览的主题“共美其香”,即是对于宗其香先生百年诞辰纪念及宗氏山水画融合中西的艺术历程的浓缩表达。“共美”一词揭示了中西绘画技法与观念的融创、整合之义,同时也暗合宗其香具有代表性的水墨夜景画之夜空、灯光、水色相互交织的意境。 More
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