Exhibition Review

Trace of Mind: Zhang Baowei Solo Painting Exhibition...


Coinciding with CAFA’s centennial anniversary, its School of Architecture also celebrates the 25th anniversary of resuming the architectural education the 15th anniversary of the founding of School of Architecture. As one of the essential academic events for the School of Architecture, “Trace of Min... More

The Return of Significance—The Art by the Faculty of the Department of Oil Painting of CAFA...


To celebrate the centenary anniversary of CAFA, the exhibition “The Return of Significance, The Art by the Faculty of the Department of Oil Painting of CAFA in the Progressive Tense” is unveiled in the CAFA Art Museum at 16:00, October 12, which is hosted by CAFA and organized by the Department of O... More

Discipline with Master’s Dignity–Exhibition of No.3 Studio of the Department of Oil Painting...


Through the organic rearrangement of No.3 Studio’s works, historical pictures and archives of different periods, the exhibition comprehensively describes its historical line of the teaching and the wide dimension of the creation, featuring a total of 60 pieces of works created by teachers and stude... More



After Salzburg, Coblenz, Budapest and St. Petersburg, American female artist Susan Swartz’s solo exhibition “Personal Path” is staging in Beijing to meet Chinese audience for the first time. It presents 83 series of paintings created by the artist in recent years at the CAFA Art Museum from October... More

Cultivator: Exhibition of Dai Ze’s Oil Paintings...


Confusing Public and Private:The 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial...


Re-recognition of Game:CAFA Game Art Exhibition...


Re-recognition of Game It is a party for game lovers to touch the spirit of games together. What is game, in your mind? An entertainment product that requires charging money, or a source of happiness in life; An emotional stress relief, or a huge industry with 250 billion annual value of product... More

Reinvention – “New Chinese Painting Movement in 1950s and 1960s” Exhibition ...


On September 8, 2018, the “New Chinese Painting Movement in 1950s and 1960s” Exhibition is unveiled on the fourth floor of CAFA Art Museum. It selected representative works, from the collection of CAFA Art Museum, that reveal the innovation history of the Chinese Painting in the 1950s and 1960s, and... More

“Post-life”:Beijing Media Art Biennale...


On September 5, 2018, The Second Beijing Media Art Biennale (BMAB) is to return on schedule. If the theme of “Ethics of Technology” for the last BMAB presented what we contemplate and introspect at the epistemological level under the New Theology of Technology, the topic of “Post-Life” for this year... More

Keep Pace with the Times – Artworks for the 100th Anniversary of CAFA...


Chief Director: Fan Dian Art Director: Zhang Zikang Curator: Wang Chunchen To commemorate the centennial celebration of Central Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition “Keep Pace with the Times – Artworks for the 100th Anniversary of CAFA”, hosted by CAFA and organized by CAFA Art Museum, was open... More
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