CAFAM Courses

Supported by CAFA’s superior resources, the CAFAM Courses make art and culture accessible to the public. We provide a wide range of programs and resources for the novice as well as the expert. Join us and immerse yourself in ideas and artistic experiences.   


The CAFAM works with the national government to provide the Refined Arts Campus Program to college students. Benefiting from traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, mural painting, sculpture, and other majors of the CAFA, this program integrates arts education, academia, and cultural appreciation and uses the CAFAM as a classroom t...

中央美术学院美术馆 美育科研项目

2022-12-15 83 read


Public Recruitment for the Woodblock Overprint Collage Watermark Workshop丨CAFAM Courses...

2018-08-09 4859 read

As one of the oldest polychrome printing methods in the world, the woodblock overprint reached the peak of craftsmanship and aesthetics in the Ming Dynasty of China, leading to the emergence of fine works of printmaking letter paper, such as the Luox...

The Integration of Paintings and Music: Mural and Music Feast ...

2017-04-19 3437 read

In line with the "Painting on the wall - exhibition of CAFA teachers' paintings", the CAFA Mural Painting Department and the CAFA Art Museum, together with Beijing Meilian Xingchen International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., invited Chinese and for...

Jin Shangyi “Compliments to Vermeer” --the night of netizens...

2011-06-24 3736 read

Jin Shangyi “Compliments to Vermeer” --the night of netizens was co-chaired by Professor Yu Ding and Ms. Kang Li from the School of Humanities, CAFA at the CAFA Art Museum on Jun 24, 2011.
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