Art Talks

CAFAM Art Talks Program invites experts, scholars and art professionals for a series of academic lectures. The talks present new ideas at a global level and bring you closer to the academia. 

Perspectives on Humanities

Talks in Perspectives on Humanities feature renowned scholars in philosophy, history, literature, and sociology. They engage in in-depth discussions of numerous aspects of the humanities and provide a broad cultural background and diverse perspectives for the public to get a better understanding of art.


2018-11-02 1221 people interested

赫什拉里女士生于伊朗,后来长期在伦敦学习与生活,她的创作涉足绘画、装置、建设、电影等多媒介,并且广泛吸收宗教、艺术、科学、诗歌等多方面的元素。她曾经获得英国特纳奖的提名,并多次参加 More

Qiu Zhijie: “A Millennium Promise” Between Venice and Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage...

2018-08-10 1208 people interested

On the evening of June 10th, at the time of “World Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, Pro More

Yin Jinan : Principle and Poetry - My Personal Study Life...

2015-12-09 1381 people interested

Mr. Yin Jinan is the dean of the humanities faculty at the China Central Academy of Fine A More


2015-11-20 1285 people interested

本次讲座将对奥斯曼帝国的历史和制度进行简单地介绍。重点围绕奥斯曼帝国的衰败与民族主义的兴起,试谈土耳其民族国家建构的历程。进而介绍土耳其建国之后,所经历的几次重大变动,以及由此所产 More
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