Art Talks

CAFAM Art Talks Program invites experts, scholars and art professionals for a series of academic lectures. The talks present new ideas at a global level and bring you closer to the academia. 

Contemporary art scene

Talks in Contemporary Art Scene invite internationally influential artists and scholars in the field of contemporary art, exchanging their minds on art innovation, discussing the central issues of contemporary art, and inspiring diverse possibilities for the development of art. 

An Unknown Masterpiece: “Bye Bye Photography” by Moriyama Daido | Lecture Report...

2020-02-21 5848 read


Anish Kapoor Artist Talk | Lecture Report...

2019-11-29 6084 read


Li Yang: Hitchcock and Contemporary Art | Lecture Report...

2019-09-20 6332 read


Lecture Report | The Break-in of Illusion into the Heart of Reality: Leandro Erlich’s Spatial Instal...

2019-08-07 6166 read


Dialogue:Expect the Unexpected | Lecture Report...

2019-07-24 4223 read


Under the Skin: Conversation with Marc Quinn | Lecture Report...

2019-03-21 6996 read

On the opening day of Marc Quinn’s exhibition Under the Skin at CAFA Art Museum, the artist had a conversation with CAFAM’s Vice President, Professor Wang Chunchen, and art critic and curator Jonas Stampe.

Into the Wood: Bruno Walpoth | Lecture Report...

2019-03-19 2319 read

Bruno Walpoth believes that the best working status is when he can’t feel the time passing.

A Conversation Between Liu Wei and Luc Tuymans | Lecture Report...

2018-11-15 7088 read


The Traditionality and Contemporaneity of Chinese Art | Lecture Report...

2018-10-18 10565 read


Have We Never Been Modern? – Dialogue with Bruno Latour...

2017-05-13 8021 read

Latour has planned several exhibitions and he modestly called himself “an immature curator”, whose curatorial idea was mainly trying to combine his own research and the creation of artists with the aim of thought provoking.
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