Art Talks

CAFAM Art Talks Program invites experts, scholars and art professionals for a series of academic lectures. The talks present new ideas at a global level and bring you closer to the academia. 

Art History

Talks in Art History share discoveries and ideas in the field of art history, covering the history of art in China and abroad and from ancient times to the present. 

An Overview of the Lecture “Botero in China - Talks with Fernando Botero”...

2015-11-24 1803 people interested

On November 24, in the evening, the national artist Fernando Botero who comes from Colombi More


2019-05-15 20 people interested


2019-04-30 121 people interested

讲座纪实 | 妮基·圣法勒:自由恋人...

2019-03-15 1145 people interested

今天我试图来呈现给大家我所做得工作当中的一部分,爱情如何对一个艺术家的创作生涯带来影响。如果还有时间的话在最后做结论的时候我希望是以人类学家的身份向大家展示妮基•圣法勒这位艺术家, More


2015-12-16 1417 people interested

讲座正式开始之前,巴西驻中国大使馆大使亲临现场为Christus Nobrega 博士捧场助威。而后讲座正式开始。Christus Nobrega 博士介绍了巴西1500至今的艺术 More

Contemporary Way of Painting: Markus Lüpertz and German Neo-Expressionism...

2015-04-27 1482 people interested

马库斯·吕佩尔茨1941年生于利贝雷茨,1988年(-2009年)起担任德国杜塞尔多夫学院院长,桃李满门,德国木刻版画界代表艺术家如马蒂亚斯·曼森、费利克斯·德吕泽以及马尔库斯·厄 More

Academic Seminar "The Mortal Is Immortal - Chen Shizeng’s World of Humanities”...

2013-09-25 1401 people interested

As one of the series activities of the CAFA’s 95th anniversary, the second academic semina More
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