The CAFAM Online Documentary Center (Member Exclusive), was established by the CAFA Art Museum (CAFAM) in 2017 in order to better fulfill our mission of serving the society with knowledge. Through series of well-orchestrated and elaborately produced art documentaries, we aims to share art and culture, ideas and concepts to the broader audience. Apply to become our online member to experience the best of art and culture!

The documentaries are divided into four columns: CAFAM Discovery • Artist, CAFAM Discovery • Exhibition, CAFAM Discovery • Lecture, and CAFAM Discovery • Reading

• CAFAM Discovery • Artist: A CAFAM Online Documentary Center on the secrets of artistic character creation, and exploration of the formation of artists’ new thoughts.

• CAFAM Discovery • Exhibition: A CAFAM Online Documentary Center on various approaches to appreciate exhibits and exploration of exhibition mysteries, which inspires viewers to think, reflect, and spark artistic innovation.

• CAFAM Discovery • Lecture: A CAFAM Online Documentary Center on the history of arts around the world, art and technology, cutting-edge theories, humanities, design, creativity and more.

• CAFAM Discovery • Reading: A CAFAM Online Documentary Center on book recommended by artists, scholars, critics and curators to help readers absorb new theories and ideas.

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