CAFAM Kids Program is dedicated to the research, development, and publishing that related to children’s art education. Let CAFAM bring out the artist spirit in your children.

Art Education Courses

The Art Education Courses are based on CAFA’s outstanding art education research and curricular system, integrated with the latest developments in international museum education to send your children on an artistic journey. Educators, scholars and program mentors from all over the world adapt comprehensible pedagogy to spark creativity and apprecia...

"Germany 8 - Fairy tales from Germany", children's art experience event was successfully held...

2017-10-22 1372 people interested

In the afternoon of October 22, 2017, the CAFA Art Museum and TrioPen Studio successfully More

The “Gao Can Xiao” Project in CAFAM | “The Mysteries of the Body”...

2017-06-23 1825 people interested

In order to better publicize and popularize art education to the public, and bring more pe More

The “Gao Can Xiao” Project in CAFAM | Paint My “Graduate Work”...

2017-05-27 1670 people interested

During the graduation exhibition of CAFA’s graduates in 2017, the Public Education Departm More

CAFAM AR MUSIC KIT--Workshop Get Started! Let's Play High-tech Musical Instrument Together!...

2016-10-27 1284 people interested

The first Beijing Media Art Biennale, with the theme of “Ethics of Technology”, focused on More

Vision of Children’s Drawing: Exhibition of “Gao Can Xiao” works Opened at CAFA Art Museum...

2015-06-23 1587 people interested

At 15:00 pm on June 23, 2015, as part of the project of the CAFA participating in the deve More

Experience Block Printing, Movable Type Printing and Traditional Binding ...

2015-03-30 1728 people interested

At 14:00 pm on March 22, 2015, the Parent and Child Workshop of “Experience Block Carving, More

"Wei Qimei's Sketch Class" - Workshop...

2013-09-16 1225 people interested

At 1:30 pm on September 13, 2013, “Wei Qimei's Sketch Class”, one of the public education More

"Take Shape" Performance Project -- Based On Exhibition Combining Art and Contemporary Dance...

2013-09-15 3263 people interested

In conjunction with the "Joseph Boyce--Social Sculpture" exhibition, the CAFA Art Museum l More

Equality·Participation·Sharing: A Silent Day at CAFA Art Museum...

2011-05-15 2942 people interested

May 15, 2011, was the 20th “Help-the-Disabled Day” in China. The theme for this year was “ More
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