International Outreach

We partner with world-class institutions and museums to conduct academic research programs, which fosters an exchange of educational resources. We look forward to attracting globally competent talents and connecting the CAFA Art Museum with the world.

Partners in Education

Partners in Education is a program for educators, aiming to promote learning, events, and research. CAFAM brings together outstanding international education institutions, corporations, and experts. By joining forces with the best in international museum education, CAFAM creates culturally appropriate partnerships both locally and globally. Through...

The Observation Trip of 2016 National Art Museum Public Education Annual Meeting...

2017-03-31 3049 read

On March 23, 2017, the CAFA Art Museum hosted experts and scholars who were participating in the "2016 National Art Museum Public Education Annual Meeting ". More than 115 professionals, coming from 80 institutions, including the National Art Museum...
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